Men from Zetta and Oriz worshipping the Shade

The Zettans were a culture of Seafarers and Merchants, indigenous to the lands of the Sinking Plain. As their kinsmen and traditional rivals, the Orizians, they tried to dominate the Northern Seas.


While the cityfolk were often craftsmen or traders, the commonfolk were for the most part Herders or fisherfolk.


Zetta's native deities had largely been overlaid by a myriad of imported deities.Now there was a deity for every single purpose in life.

Some of the better known Cults were the Order of S'sorr, the cult of Amnâkh, the cult of Sêt, the Cult of Millidexter, the ancient cult of the dark god Kaishnalai and the ever growing and expanding Cult of Ash'val.


The men of the sinking plain were the descendants of Haid and Iameri and represented a good mix of both groups. They were an average of 1.62-1.88 m tall and commonly heavily-boned, stocky and sturdy built and some tended to become overweight in later years.Their skin often varied from fair or olive skin to ruddy complexion, their hair from dirty blond to dark-brown or reddish-brown, their eyes were mostly hazel or brown.

They tended to be hirsute and males had to shave or grow heavy beards.Many braided their wiry hair while it was not uncommon to begin to go bald in their middle years.


Males and females tended to live 60-70 years


The Orizians and Zettans spoke two closely related dialects of Thokot, the language of the Haid (forefathers of both Orizans and Zettans).Both really basically were the same language with just slightly different pronunciation or accent.


  • Loremaster:Shade of the sinking Plain
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