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Shemere - a Yinka Woman

The Yinka were one of the peoples of Tanara although they were regarded not as indigenous folk. In fact, they were offspring of early Yâderi tribes who had immigrated from the south, where their remnants became known as the Y'kin. They never fully integrated and remained separate from other Tanarans.


The Yinka were a short and stocky folk with mahogany skin and brown eyes, straight black hair, large noses, and full lips.


They were ruled by priest-kings and practiced human sacrifice to cruel gods and were generally considered to be a barbaric tribe. Yet they were acknowledged scholars, and their architecture had a certain harsh beauty.


The Yinka were fanatical followers of their god Yugal.


They spoke a language named Yin, a hissing, whispering tongue with no common roots to any of the Elvish tongues, or any of the other languages in Tanara


If the Tanara setting is included in the expanded Middle-earth Setting, then the Yinka would probably be related to the Drûghu and the Braric Peoples.


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