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The second of the Valier of Aman, Yavanna (Q."Giver of Fruits") is the spouse of the Smith Aule. She is the Queen of the Earth, the incarnation of the spirit that makes living things grow and flourish. All animals and plants are her children, and her works strengthen them all, from the smallest shrub to the Two Trees of Valinor themselves.


Yavanna takes the fana of a beautiful and vibrant figure garbed in a rich, deep-green robes, and an aura glows like newborn fruit in the noonday Sun, surrounded at all times by of all species and ages, and streaming with vines and long sashes of leaves. Occasionally, particularly within Ambar, she favors the form of a great tree with boughs stretching into the Heavens.


Nature, Plants, Fungi, Life, Harmony, Evolution, Growth, Prosperity


Yavanna is the patron of all Olvar: Life that does not move. In the deeps of time, it was she that planted the first seeds, and her blessing gave them life. All peoples who rely on the Harvest revere her. Adherence to her ways is common amongst the Free Peoples for the sanctification of the Earth-Mother assures plenty. Yavanna's Gardens, renowned above all others, lie in the west of Aman, where she guides her Olva children and maintains the pulse of the Earth's heart.





  • Crown of Kémen
  • Dark Green Garb
  • Yavanna's Staff— A simple fallen bough from the now-dead Laurelin (Q.: "Golden Tree"), it enables the wielder to communicate with any plant. The plant will respond according to its gift of spirit, but the wielder can always ascertain the exact nature of the plant and its feelings.


  • Healing — Yavanna can heal the ills of any plant by merely concentrating upon it.
  • Plant-weaving — She can instantly control and modify the shape of any one plant.
  • Endowment — Yavanna can make all the plants within a 48 mile (80km) radius grow at whatever pace she desires. She can also imbed any one of her spells into any one living fruit by touching it. The spell will operate only once and only when the fruit is eaten.


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