time period
about TA 1640

A thoroughly ruthless man, Yaerû had been a member of the Garks, or Desert Screamers, an order of rugged outdoorsmen who served the interests of Vâl-Gark, for nearly forty years. He was a dangerous assassin and was dispatched by the Storm King himself to follow Manâri to find the Seeing-stones of Ankatarê. He had trailed the young man for nearly eight months and had developed some impatience with his assignment. However, the orders of Khôrahil were direct and firm, and crossing the Shadow in the South was a sentence of death. Yaerû's boredom had costed him a portion of his secrecy, since Karmarâc was aware that there was an "interested" third party. The mistake motivated the Gark to reassert his caution. The assassin had two skilled underlings in his service, each intent on discovering the location of the Ankatarê Stones. Most recently, they had brought Yaerû the ancient diary that revealed the approximate location of the Caranthor's Shrine. Since then, he and his team had followed Manâri and Karmarâc to the small town of Avashar and awaited the scholar's next move. The trio resided in the Current at Avashar and had assumed the disguise of traders from the Dâr (even so far as to have a shipment of goods with them).

Yaerû was an elf-blooded, with Avar blood mingling in his veins. Although he took great pains to conceal it, his Elven heritage was apparent in his almond-shaped grey eyes. Otherwise, his darkly tanned skin and thick desert garb made him indistinguishable from the next Haradan man. His arsenal of weaponry and mastery of spells made him a dangerous opponent. He wore a Cloak of Changing, a Helm of Darksight, and Boots of Leaping (the soles were magically altered to leave no trace of the wearer's passing). In addition to the standard equipment of the Garks, Yaerû also possessed a steel falchion and a composite bow fashioned in Mûmakan to the South.


Original form in MERP:Jaeru =Yaerû


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