Wurdireik (Old Rh. "Weird Ruler") was Thegen of the Withras clan, a tribe of plains-Northmen who were farmers all, but who often delved into magical fields. The clan was nearly wiped out by a surprise attack in TA 665, losing their greatest magical book, Sumlamuni, in the process. The Withras clan was the only northman clan to select a book-bound scholar as their Thegen.

Wurdireik used to stand 6’3”, but had become bent and crippled by deformity from a curse, he only stood 5’4”. This quiet, learned man was lonely and succumbed to a pronounced shyness when among women, particularly attractive ones. Wurdireik never married, but adopted one of his nephews as his heir. A different nephew became attracted to the use of the Dark Rites which caused him to betray more than one friend. That nephew was disowned and was either with the Necromancer of Dol Guldur in the West or was rumored to be in the east. Wurdireik was known to enjoy the rare company of Elves, had been given to trade with Dwarves, and among his peoples was closest to Radagast the Brown.


MERP gives the original name in a pseudo-gothic form, "Uirdiks".


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