Wulfila (Old Rh. "Little Wolf"), a wise veteran of many seasons, held the position of Allathegna of Vidubaurg and the Sairthiuda Clan. He was a man of few words, not especially eager to speak for anyone. As the longest survivor in a dangerous area, Waulfa was in nominal charge of a clan of independent loners. He was often sought out by the Thegnas of other Wood-men clans for his sound advice.Tall and brawny after sixty years of rugged living, Waulfa stood 6'2" and weighed 270 pounds. He was an accomplished tracker and healer and a friend of Thranduil's Elves.Although quiet of manner and dress, Wulfila threw himself into everything he did, including games and fests. He was still one of the best axe-hurlers in Viduvairibaurg, and in his prime remained thirty years undefeated in tree wrestling.


Birth:about T.A. 1380
Death: unknown


His Name in MERP is originally given as "Waulfa".


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