• Type: Clan Settlement
  • Inhabitants: 100% Woodman (Northman)
  • Population: 200
  • Origin: Settled permanently around TA 1580
  • Purpose: A gathering place for the Woodman clans; the home of the Althyn; the site of an annual fair

Woodmen-town (WRh."Wituburg" Old Rh. "Viduvairibaurg" or short "Vidubaurg") was a village or small town of the Woodmen in the Upper Anduin Vales. It wass partially built upon great platforms in the trees in the Elvish manner, for the Woodmen were on friendly terms with the Elves of the Forest.

Places of Note

  • Hall of Balthila


TA 1640-1650:

TA 2950-3019:


The original Name given in the MERP Publications is Burh Widaus."Burh" is derived from early anglo-saxon Burhs (fortress) but the Widaus element seems obscure but is likely derived from old frankish widu, anglo-saxon wudu or Old Norse vithr (all meaning wood).The proper old frankish name would be Widuburg.A different Name of the Settlement is given as "Buhr Widufiras", the widufiras-element intended to mean "Wood-Men" (from AS 'firas', "Men"), the gothic Version of which would be "Wairs".Viduvairibaurg is a logical latinized meso-gothic form that would reflect the old rhovanian Name of the place as it would have been known about TA 1640.

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