Wonir the Thief was an Adventurer who traveled through Angmar and Mirkwood and possibly accompanied Droggo, Moran and other heroes on the quest to destroy Ardana and halt the ritual of Morgoth returning to the world. 


  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Daggers
  • Lock Pick Kit

(All items and stats are subject to change based on the discretion of the Gamemaster)

Stats: CO 85, SD 100, AG 99, ME 96, RE 90, ST 100, QU 101, PR 75, IN 102, EM 71. 


The Name Wonir may be derived from Icelandic Von- "Hope", the ending -ir might either be a plural ending or the same -er/-ir ending which appears in other Norse names such as Mimir or Hönir.The letter V often turns into W in latinized (westronized) Norse forms (for example Dválinn - Dwálin).


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  • MERP:Southern Mirkwood
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