Area surrounding Cromm Bráighe

The Wolf Wood (S."Taur-en-Draugath";Hi."Caill Fael") was a small wooded area around Cromm Bráighe considered part of the Trollshaw Forest. Lairs for a band of angmarean Wolf-riders, the Kurrauz-Molwa, were scattered through these woods. The upper branches of the trees had been woven together to make the place darker and more comfortable. A dozen Forest Trolls acted as "Keepers" of the old Dúnadan preserve, including the stone markers with the royal seal of Rhudaur on them. Four Stone Trolls and two Black Huorns also helped with maintanance. No humans, slave or otherwise, were allowed to enter the wood, except for those turned loose to be hunted for the sport of the wolves.


  • MERP:Arnor
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