Wodgavia of Esgaroth


Time period
Third Age about 1640

In 1640 the Master of Esgaroth was a man named Wodgavia (Old Rh. "Wodgavia"; "Rage-Dweller"). He had been selected as Master two years ago, and the council was pleased with its choice. Charismatic, firm, intelligent, and perceptive, Wodgavia had had much to do with Egaroth's newfound stability. It was Wodgavia who managed to hold the demoralized townspeople together in the aftermath of the Plague, obtaining precious food from the Elves of Mirkwood. Through his unceasing efforts, Esgaroth had once again begun to prosper as trade returned to the region. His tactful diplomacy had enabled his village to establish good relationships with all the other Northmen groups in Rhovanion.

He was equally skillful with a sword. Wodgavia was a redoubtable warrior, who was rumored to have slain a giant in his younger years. When pressed for the truth of this story, the Master would simply smile and shrug. His appearance, however, lend credence to the tale, for Wodgavia stood 6'6" and weighed 270 lbs., and often wore a large two-handed sword. His looks belied his manner, for the Master was well-liked for his pleasant, friendly temperament. Wodgavia was 46, and unmarried.


Original form: Odagavia = Wodgavia


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