A learned Wizard reading occult lore

In Middle-Earth a Wizard (lit."a Person of great Wisdom") is a person skilled in magic or Lore.A Wizard can be a Magician or Sorcerer or a Wise,even a travelling Conjurer.

In the closer sense Wizard refers to the Order of the Istari who often used the guise of the travelling Wiseman, Councillor and Loremaster or Master of the Wild as covers for their true nature as powerful Maiarin Spirits.

Wizards of Renown


The 'Wizard is a playable profession in MERP and Rolemaster and an elite-order in LOTRRPG.


In MERP Wizard may also refer to the Mirak of Near-Harad, Hearth-Wizards or Hedge Wizards and Hildinóle of the Eriadorians and the Wizards of Umbar.

lesser Wizards mentioned in MERP and MECCG:

Hall of Fire Magazine

The Magazine Hall of fire proposes some lesser Istari and Wizard Characters:

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