The Windthrones and Valley of Uthrael Beoac

High up in the Ered Mithrin lay the mysterious valley of Uthrael Beoac, reputedly haunted by Wights and Werewolves. Long ago, in the First Age, the valley had been sacred to an ancient tribe of Men now long forgotten. Here they had buried their dead in barrows or in cliff tombs, recorded the movements of the sun and the seasons in stone circles, and watched the motions of the stars from the Dyrn Sûil (Rh. "Wind Thrones"; S. "Erchaim Sûl"). Built on rocky outcroppings on cliffsides, these Dyrn Sûil consisted of large, rough-hewn stone seats which resembled crude thrones. Once there had been narrow trails leading to the thrones, but these had been washed away with the passing ages.

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