The Wind Mountains

The Mountains of Wind (Av."Rôisûri") or Wind Mountains (Wm."Hurmwai") were a mountain chain in eastern Middle-earth, believed to be either originally the southernmost part of the Orocarni or the northernmost part of the Yellow Mountains.


The Windmountains of Lôkhas Drûs are most likely not identical with the mountains of the Wind mentioned in the Ambarkanta.Following the maps in the shaping of Middle-earth the latter should have been far more southwestern, more close to the centre of the world and following the narrative they would have girded the land of Hildorien in which the murmenalda was a mountain-valley, probably in the central or eastern mountains of the wind.The closest equivalent to that older mountain chain on the MERP map would be the Ered Harmal.

In the Ambarkanta maps,the Wind Mountains are not shown on Map V, labelled "After the War of the Gods".

Original form in MERP:orosúli = Rôisûri

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