Willowbottom in the Marish


Willowbottom and surroundings

Willowbottom (S. "Tumdathar", Os. "Tumb-tathor") was a village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.It was near the Baranduin and the Overbourne Marshes, lying on the Elfwood stream near the place where the Thistle Brook flew into the Shirebourn.Near here was a secret ford used by the Wandering Companies.

Willowbottom in TA 1640

Willowbotton is a pretty little Eriadoran village on the edge of the Overborne marshes. The Elfwood Stream, which enters the swamps here, was renamed the Shirebourne by the Fallohide brothers, who once planned on it being the southern bound of their colony. The villagers of Willowbottom produce baskets and charcoal for the river trade, being careful not to be too greedy or disturb the forests. Elves still pass through this little valley on a regular basis. A real problem has arisen for the Willowbottom folk over the past ten years. The Rivermen of Flynettle, at the mouth of the Elfwood Stream, have been secretly smuggling weapons up the valley to sell to the Pendles of Pincup, on the south side of the Green Hills. The Bottomers wish nothing to do with such business, but feel helpless to take any action. The thought of the King's soldiers driving them from their safe, comfortable little village terrifies them only slightly less than the chance of being massacred by angry Rivermen.


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