a Fintonarka

The wild goats (W."Fintonarka"; Q."Vercayatli"), were odd beasts found on the plains south of Mirkwood. They had several characteristics that set them apart from the other goats of Middle-earth. For one thing, they were sometimes found in mixed herds with the wild horses of the area, an arrangement found nowhere else. Second, they were almost untameable, although it was reported that Elves might have some success at this task (although Elves were generally uninterested in animal husbandry). Third, they were immune to all naturally occurring ingesteble poisons and hence could live on almost anything that contained nourishment. Finally, these strange creatures had an unquenchable desire to be scratched on the head, between their long, dangerous horns.

It was rumored by various denizens of the Talath Harroch region (particularly those with small, naive children) that if one should do one of these hoofed hedonists the favor of scratching it in the proper spot, it would become ever loyal to the person who scratched it. This tale had caused numerous injuries to youngsters seeking an unusual pet.


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