A Drû Hunter

The Eldar divided the Hildor into two groups of men: those of the fathers of men who had become their allies in Beleriand they considered High-Men (Edain or Atani) while they considered all the remaining Hildor Wild Men (Q.: "Hrávani" S. "Hrevain").

While the term Men of Darkness became a more pejorative term applied to those men who had followed the Dark Lord, "Wild Men" was a more neutral concept meaning rather uncivilized or barbarian than evil. The Númenóreans adopted the concept of High-Men (themselves) and Men of Darkness (their enemies in the East and South) but also introduced a new category: the Middle-Men, a term they applied to those men who were close relatives or descendants of their Edain forefathers but who had not come to Beleriand and whom they assessed their natural Allies. On the other hand, the Númenóreans considered all other mannish people who were neither their enemies nor their allies "Wild Men", be it the Snow Men of Forochel, the Drughu or the indigenious mannish tribes of Gondor and Enedhwaith who were in fact relatives of their Haladin ancestors but spoke languages completely unrelated to Adûnaic.

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