Wild Hobbits

Wild Hobbits
or Outsiders were terms the Shirefolk applied to those Halflings or relatives who did not live inside the borders of the Shire, the clans of savage or feral Holbytlan descending from the original ancient tribes of Rhovanion.

Halfling Settlement in Eriadot i n the early times of the Shire Grant

There were several colonies of Outsiders, the best known of these in Breeland but there was also the village Reedhaven in the Angle of Rhudaur, a yet different Group still lived in the Loeg Ningloron and was known as the River-Folk. Both these groups were descendants of the Stoors. Other Groups of Wild Hobbits were the Wild Hobbits of the Nengaran Bogs and the Periwott around Neffwin Wood in northeastern Arthedain, the Hoarfoots, who resided in the Ettenmoors of Rhudaur along river Hoarwell, remnants of the Woodland-folk of Dunland in Maur Tulhau in the Gloomglens and Reedwater Marshes of Enedhwaith and and small clans called Iloiset Lapset near Forochel.


The Bugans of Enedhwaith, a tribe usually counted as goblin-kind, may have descended from degenerated halflings, but the true origin of this race is not known.

outside the Westlands

In Banakan, a region close to Aegan, Kârn Ôrd and Khelkâ Sael lived a people akin to the Hobbits of the Shire known as the Fokirio, eastern Halflings, descendants of Harfoots and a lost branch known as the Fairheads. The Nimblefingers were a clan of migatory Outsiders that for unknown reasons had come to the great Swamplands of Geshân in Southern Middle-Earth.

Wild Hobbit Tribes

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