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wild swine or Wild pigs (Q."Hravapolcar" S."Huncath Rain") were common throughout the Westlands.These fierce wild pigs, the ancestors of the domesticated breeds or house swine,although the degree to which these Swine could be called tame would vary).

Boars were They were found throughout the temperate regions of Middle-Earth. The largest natural species, the red boar, was found in the woodlands east of the Orocarni in easternmost part of the continent (particularly in Aegan). Exceptionally dangerous, generally nocturnal creatures, boars were agile, quick, and aggressive whenever they were alarmed. When angry, they would charge straight at an enemy, regardless of its size, and bowl it over, trampling the foe with sharp hooves and slashing it with even sharper tusks. Injuries, unless to a limb, hardly slowed a Boar down.

Boars were hunted all over Middle-earth. Men often hunted them using special Boar spears that had extra stout shafts, huge, sharp heads, and (most important) a stout crossbar about 18 inches below the point. The crossbar was handy because a speared Boar would run straight up the spear to get at the hunter.

Omnivores, boars ate bulbs, tubers, fruit, nuts, insectsand carrion. They were most active at night and in the morning and traveled in groups of 1-20. Males (who could be distinguished by their long canine-tusks) roamed apart from, but close to, the females and young.

Several local types or Breeds were distinguished by Hunters and Furriers.


Boars of Renown:

Boar of Everholt


  • Breeds
    • wild boar
      • White Boar or Binchi
      • Black Boars
        • Mirkwood Boars
      • Great Boars
      • Brown Boars
        • Forest-Boars
      • Grey Boars (Splintertusks, Broadtooths, Tuskers, Stonehoofs)
      • long-grass swine
      • red boars
        • Razortooths