"They did not hate dwarves especially, no more than they hated everyone and everything, and particularly the orderly and prosperous; in some parts, wicked dwarves had even made alliances with them." -There and Back Again, ex. Over Hill and Under Hill

Wicked Dwarves was the term for those Khazad who embraced the Dark Lords of the First, Second, and Third Ages.In the first Age Dwarves who had traded weapons to the Dark Lord or even had taken part in Kinslaying and the Battle of Palisor were exiled by their Houses to eventually become the Petty Dwarves and Ibûnites.In the Second Age wicked Dwarves were reported in the hosts of Sauron. It was recorded that Durin's Folk was the only Dwarvish house whose loyalty was undivided to the Last Alliance. Renegade Ironfists and Blacklocks became the Mornaugrim or Stoutaxes of Mordor, while corrupted remnants of the Firebeards and Broadbeams organized as the Dourhands and later joined the forces of the Witch-King.Another group formed the splinter faction of the Shornbeards.

Wicked Dwarves of Renown:

Ibun Khim Miffli Mim Skorgrim Dourhand

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