White wolves (S. "drauglos"; pl. "drauglys"; Q. "lossanarmo"; pl. "lossanarmor"; aka "nimanno" la."Susi") were northerly kin of the dire wolves and were distantly related to the common grey wolf. They were true denizens of the cold, thriving in temperatures as low as -60°F (-50°C). Although most at home in the Far North, they had been seen as far south as the Shire in Eriador and the Celduin Valley in Rhovanion (usually during especially bad winters).

All that had been said of the dire wolves applied to the white wolves as well, but even more so; the need to survive as a species in the frigid North had made these huge dogs even more clever and bold as hunters. Preying on everything from rodents and carrion to well-armed Lossoth, they were the most dangerous of nonmagical canines.

Like the white fox, the drauglos had a glistening white coat comprised of long, thick, hollow hairs which were set in a tough, oily hide. Their small ears, two-chambered nostrils, and well-furred feet were ideally suited for life on the ice and snow.


The White-wolf almost certainly is the "Tundra Wolf" or the "Greenland wolf".


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