White Council

Some Members of the White Council TA 2463

The First White Council was formed in 1701 of the Second Age. Many of the same members on this council served into the Third Age against Sauron. The White Council was made up of the wisest in middle earth. Tolkien denotes this in the Return of the King--in the Appendices, and states that the wise were made up of the Istari and Chiefs of the Eldar. Though the exact number of wise isn't given--we can assume that those on the White Council were considered wise, wizards (Istari) or powerful lords of the Eldar.

Last meeting of the White Council was T.A. 2953.

There are only five known meetings of the White Council:   

  • S.A. 1701   
  • T.A. 2463 
  • T.A. 2851 
  • T.A. 2941 
  • T.A. 2953

Assumed Members of the First White Council S.A. 1701

Assumed Members of the Second White Council T.A. 2463

Present Members of the second meeting of the White Council T.A. 2851

Present Members of the third meeting of the White Council T.A. 2941

Present Members of the last meeting of the White Council T.A. 2953


It should be noted that the Assumed Members of the White Councils, were the members of the Wise, but they all didn't necessarily have to be present at every meeting.

Movie White Council (Plus Helpers)

The Movie's portrayal of the White Council is very limited with the only four members being Gandalf, Saruman, Elrond, and Galadriel--Radagast is merely a helper. We do not know who the White Council members were in the Second Age.

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