Drebiwood and Whitbeamwood

The Whitbeamwood (from old Rh."Veitiabaumavidu";Hi."Caill Fionncrann";S."Taur-en-Nimornath") and Drebiwood were remnants of the original forests, left on the steepest and rockiest slopes, areas not suited to any form of agriculture or pastoral activity. The woods had not remained unchanged, of course. Local people had utilized them for hunting, cutting timber, collecting scrub and so on. Nevertheless,they still had a feeling of ancient splendour.

The trees of the woods were mostly upland hardwoods — a few oaks,plus whitebeam and rowan in profusion. There were also waterchestnuts, ash and birch. They did not grow densely, making the woods light and airy in summer and spring, and giving rise to a lush (for the region) undergrowth of bracken, brambles, nettles and hardier seasonal flowers such as bluebells and trefoil. Many herbs and fungi also grew in the woods, making them popular with local healers and goodwives.


Original form in MERP:Witbeamwyd


  • MERP:Phantoms of the Northern Marches
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