The Westlands - Rivers and Highlands

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The Westlands were the known lands between the shores of Lindon in the west and the Sea of Rhûnaer in the east; and the Bay of Forochel, the Grey Mountains, and the Iron Hills to the north and the Bay of Umbar, Harondor, and Mordor to the south. The Westlands were a cultural subcontinent affected deeply by the Eldar and Dúnadan Realms and cultures. Most of it’s inhabitants were Middle-men along with minor realms of lesser Elves (mostly Sindar and Nandor) and a few remnants of the Númenóreans, High-Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits. The common speech of the Westlands was known as the Westron.

The Westlands

The Lands of the Far North, the east plain of Central Middle-earth (Palisor), the Farthest East, Far Harad, the Bay of Ormal and the Utter South are not parts of the Westlands. See: Wild Lands.

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