a Water-Drake

Like Cave Drakes, Water Drakes (Q. "Nénilóki"; sing."Nénilóki" Ap."Cielimba Dubanari") were air-breathing Dragons who had adapted to a wholly new environment. They had long, gracile bodies, tightly- fitted scales, and fin-like spinal crests and appendages, enabling them to cut through water like Eels or Sea Snakes. Their multi-chambered lungs permitted them to stay under water for periods of up to an hour, while their long throats provided them the means to store enough water to spew out devastating blasts of spray. These Water Serpents lived in freshwater pools or in waterline lairs situated on remote islands or seacoasts. Exceedingly rare, most resided in the subterranean meres of the eerie Underdeeps.

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