in Middle-Earth a Warrior is a character who is especially skilled in warfare, a professional Fighter.Warriors are seen as a very reputable class in society.

Warriors who fight for payment are known as Soldiers.

Terms for Warrior

Warriors of renown


In MERP, Rolemaster and LOTRRPG the Warrior is a playable profession or order.ROLEMASTER also has more specialized sub-classes such as the Armsmaster, Assassin, Ashigaru, Barbarian, Bashkar, Bounty Hunter, Cavalier, Champion, Duelist, Elemental Champion, Elemental Hunter, Elemental Warrior, High Warrior, Horseman, Indurate, Lancer, Magehunter, Nightblade, Ninja, Noble Warrior, Outrider, Paladin, Ranger, Romantic, Ronin, Samurai, Sohei, Swashbuckler, Swordsman, Sword Thrower, Templar, Warrior Mage, Warrior Monk.


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