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An Eriadorian Townguard

A Warden or Guardian is a Soldier whose duty is is to protect, inspect, supervise and defend a special Place or Person, a Sentinel, Watcher, Lookout or Bodyguard.The Titles Warden and Guardian could also be used to assign ceremonial officers.



In LOTRO the "Guardian" and the "Warden" designate two different character classes, A "guardian" wears heavy armour and a heavy shield and is capable of withstanding mighty blows and stands to the forefront of battle, shielding his allies.A "Warden" uses medium armor and relies primarly on spears and javelins.

Wardens of Note:


  • Abrakhan Guard
  • Balrog Guard
  • Barding Hird
  • Black Guard of Barad-Dur
  • Breeland Constable
  • Burgward of Methelburg
  • Caravan Guardian
  • Cirith Ungol Sentinels
  • city guard
  • Dol Guldur Guard
  • Dwarf Guardian, Dûm-garul, Gehil-vinddhur, Tharkarul, Huval-vindhur or Iron Guard
  • Easterling Royal Guard
  • Ethir
  • a Gaoler
  • Gate-Guard
  • Goblin-Town Guard
  • Gondorian Guard
  • Gondorian Royal Guard
  • Guard of the Fountain Court
  • Guardians of Edhellond
  • Guardians of the High-Pass
  • Hobbit Shirrif or Bounder
  • Iron-Guard
  • Lórien Guardians
  • Minas tirith Guard and Minas Tirith Citadel Guard
  • Morgûl Warden
  • Northron Ciurl, Vardur or Drihten
  • Riverman Shirrif
  • Rog
  • Royal Guard of Edoras
  • Saruman’s guards
  • Sentinels of Numenor
  • Taurdirim
  • town guard
  • Troll-guard
  • Variag King’s Guard
  • Vault Warden
  • Warden of Mithrisars
  • warden of the castle Dol Amroth
  • Wardens of Goblin-gate
  • Wards of Isengard
  • Warlord's Guard
  • Watchers of Kârna
  • watchers at Sarn Ford
  • Witch-king's Guard
  • Wolf Sentinels
  • Wood Elf Sentinels