The War of Wrath, or the Great Battle, was the final battle against Morgoth at the end of the First Age 545-587, and one of the greatest battles ever fought in all of Middle-earth. The host of Valinor was the strongest army to ever be seen landing on Middle Earth. It consisted of Vanya, Noldor, Maiar, and many creatures of legend. Despite this, the heavenly host was driven back by the surprise attack from Morgoth's Winged Dragons.  Eventually, Valinor pushed through the army of Angband and Morgoth was captured and chained. After Morgoth's defeat, he was pushed into the Void where it is said he will eventually breakout and the last greatest battle of all time will take place--Dagor Dagorath.

Good Commanders

Evil Commanders

Battles in the War of Wrath:

Battle of Eglarest

Battle at the River Sirion

The Strategic Retreat of Valinor

Rallying of the Valinorian Host

Final Assault of Angband

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