The Wandering Days (TA 1000-1630) was the period during which Hobbits gradually migrated from the Vales of Anduin to Bree or the Shire, prompted by the rise of Dol Guldur and Angmar.

About TA 1050, the Harfoots came to Eriador, and the Fallohides followed about a century later, while the Stoors wend to Dunland or the Angle.  When Angmar rose, the Hobbits migrated further west, many settling at Bree.  Some Stoors, however, returned to the Gladden Fields.

In TA 1600 the Shire in Arthedain was settled by a large number of Hobbits from Bree, and 30 years later the Stoors of Dunland moved there as well.


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