• Inhabitants: 100 % Northman
  • Population: 1,250
  • Origin: Founded by Northmen, c. TA 1290
  • Purpose: A stable base for the Withras clan; an economic focus for the surrounding farms
  • Symbol: A Golden Plough on a Red Field

This typical Northman town had many timber longhouses and an earthen dike surmounted by a wooden palisade. However, Waldmarhbaurg (Rh."Fort of the ruling Horse"; later Waldmearburg) had outgrown its defenses due to the flood of refugees it had received following the Great Plague, and it's Thain lacked the resources to expand the ramparts. Despite its size, Waldmarhbaurg had little influence among the other Northman towns, probably the result of a history of weak thains.


Original form in MERP:Buhr Waldmahr

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