The Waldanbero (old Rhovanian) was the traditional Chieftain of the Men of the misty mountains and head of the Order of the Bero and the five secret houses of Bero.Below the Waldanbero the three Waitanias or mighty Men were the next in Rank.

outer history and criticism

Waildanbair is a term from Attlatunga, the language of the Beiabarn.It probably derives from gothic Waldand(s) (Ruler or Master) and Bairan (to bear) or *Bero (Bear).

Original Forms and corrected spellings:

Atliduk - Attlatunga
Bair - Bero
Orobair - Aithabero
Tirbair - Tirabero
Waetan - Waitania
Waildanbair - Waldanbero


  • Beornings and Woodmen (Essay), by Anna Arquette 1995, originally conceived as a contribution to Rohirrim and Other Northmen, a projected volume in ICE's "Peoples of Middle-earth" series which never reached completion.
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