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easterling Chariot

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The Wainriders (S."Rachoth" or "Wain-Horde") were a confederation of Easterling tribes closely akin to the Balchoth but better armed and less primitive.As their relatives the Balchoth the wainriders were known to live and travel in large Wains, but especially their chieftains were also fierce charioteers.

The Wain-Easterlings in MERP

The tribes that later became the Wainriders originated in a Land east of the known Rhûn called Lotan but moved westwards later and settled in the lands surrounding the inland sea.The Sagath, Logath and Igath were considered to be part of the Wainriders -all tribes of Ulgathig descent, while the other related tribes as the Urgath, Brygath and Gathmarig had long merged into the Igath by that time.They were worshippers of Sauron whom they identified with Kerkassk, the plains-god.The Igath-Wainriders, by 2950 TA, had become part of the Variag-Realm of Khand.


Wainriders of Renown

Alternative views

Fanmodules Group

The Inland-Sea Module considers the Igath themselves an alliance that grew out of the Urgath, Brygath and Gathmarig and later absorbed the Sagath and Logath.

Halls of fire magazine

The Halls of fire Magazine mentions the Wainriders still as an existant tribal-alliance in 3019.Leader of one Alliance of Sagath-Wainriders is a man named Harizän.

Other Minds Magazine

In Other Minds #14 Thomas Morwinski describes the Mardumhesta, an Easterling-people intended to be identical with the Wainriders.


Inner Asian peoples who prominently used the Chariot were the Amyrgians and Sogdians.