Voronwë the Mariner

After the Fifth Battle of the First Age, Cirdan built

seven swift ships at the bidding of Turgon, Gondolin's King. The vessels sailed into the West to beg the aid of the Valar against Morgoth. Only one returned. Of the fate of the other six, no word ever came to the Havens of the Eldar. The mariners of the seventh ship toiled long on the waves, but did not reach the Undying Lands. They turned back in dispair, and their vessel foundered in a terrible storm within sight of Endor's coasts. One voyager alone was spared, preserved by Ulmo from the wrath of Osse. The sea bore Voronwë (Q. "Steadfast One" ;G."Bronweg") up and cast him ashore in Nevrast, the region where Turgon dwelt before his departure to Gondolin. In Nevrast, Voronwe met Tuor, whom Ulmo had commanded to seek the hidden city of Gondolin. The Noldo guided the Adan to the secret portal into Turgon's realm and down its dark tunnel. The pair were taken prisoner and brought before Ecthelion of the Fountain, a captain of the King's host. Ecthelion recognized Tuor as an emissary of Ulmo and took the Adan to Turgon. In that hour, Tuor was given the words of the Lord of the Waters, words warning the King of the coming doom of Gondolin. Had Turgon listened and forsaken his hardened pride, Voronwe's deed as guide might have averted great tragedy.Later Voronwe was counted among the Elven mariners who joined Eärendil on his journey to the west. Voronwe had sea-grey eyes, dark flowing hair, and ever a love of the ocean and the Lord of the Waters, Ulmo.


-sea-grey Eyes




  • Alacien, Sinda related to Cirdan via the family of Elmo



Voronwes' father is often guessed a member of the royal house of the Noldor, possibly a descendant of one of Finwes daughters, Irime or Findis.


  • Aranwion
  • Bröenwi
  • Bronwe
  • Bronweg
  • Bronwega
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