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Voisiol was a Maiesk or Rhûnnish Mage and the legate of Carn Dûm to Mount Gundabad, responsible for relaying the will of the Witch-king to the Ashdurbûk and reporting back to his master on significant developments in the citadel. He had complete immunity to come and go as he chose in Mount Gundabad. Although his power was limited — there were several mages of far greater skill in Carn Dûm, not counting the Witch-king — he balanced this with his cunning and complete devotion to evil. Sending a more powerful mage would, in any event, be seen by the Orcs as a challenge to Mount Gundabad's autonomy. Voisiol was an aristocrat and quite arrogant when dealing with Orcs below the rank of the highest Uruk lords, but this intimidating approach won him respect, since Orcs expected to be abused by their superiors. The customary garb of the Mouth of the Witch-king was a black robe edged with White-wolf fur and a black skullcap similarly trimmed.Voisiol was short, but 5'6", with a lean, hawkish visage. His chambers were situated in the royal palace in the Great Spire.


  • MERP:Mount Gundabad