Map of Vinyamar -rough sketch

Vinyamar (Q."New home") was the great city and fortress of Turgon the Wise in Nevrast.


The hills of nevrast towered over the beach,forming cliffs towards the sea in the west while in the east there was a small vale where the elves had built a wall and a gate which guarded road leading to Hithlum and the vale of Sirion.The main settlement was however partially on the top of the highest hill, which was the main peak of mount taras or was built into the western and southern cliffsides, either as wide green terraces or as tall towing buildings growing out of the cliff rocks.

Turgons tower and hall stood on top of mount taras watching over the entire city, the havens were in the south where there was a slim coastal plain or terrace built over sealevel.A wide beach stretched further to the south but was flooded when the tide was high.

A notable the city also was built within and under mount taras as the haven and cliffside town probably were acessable only either over a system of complicated stairways and paths running up from one terrace to another, or by a tunnel which led inside the hill where then there would be a stairway or roadsystem by which the cliffsidebuildings and terraces could be accessed.

Places of note

  • Cliffside town
    • Great terraces
  • eastern vale
    • Inland wall
    • Great gate
  • Havens
    • the Hallows
  • the inner hill
    • great stairs
    • the smelts and smithies
    • tunnel road
  • mount Taras
    • The great tower
    • Turgon's hall
  • southern beach
    • bridge and sea-tower
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