Vidugavia of Rhovanion

A vain Northman Warrior born in Vidusbaurg in T.A. 1210,

Vidugavia was the only son of the Prince (Rh. "Hauhthiu," lit. High- chieftain) Marhaidureik to live through the brutal Clan-war of 1208- 22. He was his father's only heir and, in T.A. 1234 — after a one year struggle for power — he became the Lord of the Waldandung tribe of Aivathiuda. During the next fourteen years, he united the surrounding Eothrain and Gramas tribes. In T.A. 1248, his Northman warriors helped the Dúnadan Regent Minalcar defeat an Easterling incursion and, with Minalcar's support, he proclaimed himself King of Rhovanion later the same year. Two years later, in T.A, 1250, Minalcar sent his son Valacar to Buhr Widu as a sign of his personal commitment to Vidugavia's people. Vidugavia also enjoyed the support of the Gondorian monarchs Namarcil I and Calmacil, for he protected the routes through Rhovanion. In return, the Kings of the Gondor insured his control over his self-styled Northman Kingdom. Minalcar's accession in T.A. 1304 further strengthened the ties between the two peoples. As Rómendacil II, Minalcar kept his son and heir Valacar in Buhr Widu, providing a constant conduit for dialogue between the Northmen and their Dunedain allies. In T.A. 1264 Valacar married Vidugavia's only daughter and oldest child, Vidumavi. Their child, Eldacar, was Vidugavia's grandson. While the Northman King died only a week after Eldacar was bom, he perished knowing that his grandchild stood in line to become the twenty-first King of Gondor, Vidugavia had three sons: Vidureik (b. 1237), Vidung (b. 1239), and Vidumarh (b. 1247).

Vidugavia's Principal Items:

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