Varadia, sometimes known as Khandish or Variag was the language of the Variags of Khand.

Originally the ancestors of the Variags had spoken an eastern tongue closely related to the Ioradya dialects of the Balchoth, but millenia in the neighbourhood of Mordor changed their tongue so it often sounded closer to the Black Speech or orcish dialects.Also close neighbourhood to the Haradrim added strong Harûze influences, especially in southern Khand.For written Varadia Variags used a script derived from mordorian Tengwar and Orcish Runes, the Script was also known as Variag-Tengwar or Khandian Letters.


Ata - exalted, godlike
Beg - Adviser, General-Regent
Kekhavrathí - Patriarch
Khand - Realm, Land
Khû(r)driag - King
Khûdriag-Ata - God-King
Medlóshad - Goldhorse
Noz - Knife
Orodriag - Prince, ruling Lord
Osvoda - Captain, Commander, Elite-Warrior
Osvodeg - Warlord, Leader
Peka - River
Tûmrakhi - Sauron
Ûbésêsh-ûta-Pavéter - Refuge from the Flailing Wind
Usriev - a double-bladed lance
Variag - Sworn-one, a pureblooded free man of Khand
Vracarathí - a sauronic Priestess


Male: Alvrev Asdrionid Asternak Azzad Balun Begûlakaris Brodvaga Kaliar Gorovod Harvâl Itana Iotaeseimu Kanhai Kashak Keiseimu Kionid Kongiu Kundai Kurubra Luthkan Mashak Mionid Nazog Nomid Odavith Olriag Omad Othour Ovag Ovatha Tarkhan Ûonid Urdrath Ûrig Ûvatha Vangaris Vronkhar Warlog Wastaph

Female: Aivaisa Dagharga Raishâ

Tribes/Clans: Akhev Ankiv Irbo Itakh Olêna Orath Ovan Ûdo Ûrpov


The Terms "Variag" and "Khand" are the only words of the proposed language of Khand mentioned in Tolkien´s writings.The Term Variag seems to stem from "Varyag", the Russian variant of the old Norse Varangian (Sworn-one), the word "Khand" is sometimes compared to the Mongolic title "Khan", though it sounds like a Sanskrit word for "realm".Therefore the Variag Culture is often depicted as influenced by historical South-Eastern European and Inner-Asian cultures and Neo-Variag is often influenced by real-world Russian, Mongolian, Sanskrit, and Old Norse.Other secondary sources also use vocabulary based on different modified Turk-languages.


Original form in MERP: Varadja = Varadia

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