The Man only known as The Vrâk Tanûk or Varak Tanûk(Wm."Varak the Runner") lived about TA 1140 and was a legendary Adventurer of Middle-Earth. He was a Ranger exiled from his home in the Farthest East; in truth, he was Varak-Drâl a distant cousin of the Lôkhan Lord Demîk-Drâl.

Vrak Tanuk was the last of his line when he reestablished the Ryt-ak-Pîri (Wm. "the Guild of the Light") at Tarsa. He, among others, was responsible for Demîk-Drâl's return to the way of the light and for the ultimate defeat of Mûl Bâs. A man of such a stature that few could ignore, Vrak stood 6'8" in height with a powerful build. His skin was deep cream, his hair lightest brown, his eyes hazel (that turned blue on moonlit nights).

The Tales told about Vrâk Tanûk also included other legendary figures such as Boah Agonar, Ayitula Chintakari, Nári Zigildûn, Nauk Zigildûn Mizim and Canae Tanûk.

Varak's Principle Items:


On his Quest for the Guild of light:


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