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Ingwe - High-King of the Vanyar

The direct descendants of the Minyar, the first host of the Elves to awake at Cuiviénen and the people of Imin, the Vanyar (Q."Fair-ones"; S."Baniai") had golden hair and fair skin, with eyes of clear blue or violet. They were the tallest and most beautiful of the Elves, beloved of the Valar. Ingwë was their king, and as such he was deemed High-King of all the Eldar. Their musical skills were unsurpassed, except perhaps by the Falmari who learned the art of song from the Maia Ossë.

The Vanyar spoke the Vanyarin dialect of Quenya, the western variant of the original tongue of the Eldar, which was in fact the Elvish version of Valarin, the mental language of the Valar. They referred to themselves as the Ingar or Ingwer.

Detailed Description


The Vanyar were the tallest of the Elves, two rangar being common for men and women. They also were strongly built, but more gracile than the Noldor. They were noted for their blond or golden hair (though a few were more brown-haired) and ivory-coloured, ruddy or sometimes slightly silvery-coloured skin and their bright (often blue or grey, sometimes violet, golden, or green) eyes. Their prefered color was white. They tended to wear not much jewelry and rather simple and modest clothing (in sharp constrast to the proud Noldor)


Among all Elves the Vanyar were considered the greatest artists, poets and musicians; only the Lindar were greater singers. They were also proud warriors, especially with the spear, their main weapon, for which they became also known as the Spear-Elves. They were most beloved by Manwë and Varda and lived in the plains and woods Valinor or on the slopes of Taniquetil.The were also called the blessed Elves, Elves of the Air, Sky-Elves, Friends of the Gods, Holy Elves,the immortal, Children of Ingwe ,the Fair Folk and the White.


The Vanyar spoke the Vanyarin or Quendya dialect of Quenya, which of all elvish tongues was the closest to the Valarin and had many influences and loanwords from that holy eldest speech.


The Vanyar were divided into several Tribes or Clans.Their royal clan was known as the Inwir.

Vanyar of renown