Faghiu (S. "Beimell", Q. "Vanimella") ,Blue Star or Loveboon was a small plant home to the mountainous regions of Rhudaur and some other portions of eastern Eriador and the lower foothills of the Misty Mountains.It grew only a few inches high, but was easily found when in bloom because of its small but outstanding blue-white flower.The beauty of the Faghiu blossom was said to be greater than any other in Middle-earth, and the young men of Rhudaur often thought of faghiu when recalling the beauty of some woman who had caught their eye but spurned their advances.

It was said that the juice of the full-blooming Faghiu petals could be used to make a love potion. The tales were true, but it was an endeavor only for the most diligent. A bucketful of petals had to be gathered and pressed to yield a thimbleful of extract. This had to be allowed to sit in a shallow dish under a full moon overnight and, if undis­turbed, placed in a waterproof bag and worn close to the heart of the user for the next month. Once prepared in this way, it had to be ingested by the object of the user's affections. Anyone consuming the prepared elixir did no harm to the one who had worn the potion close to their heart. This effect lasted I-100 days. Imbibers also faithfully served their beloved in any way, short of endangering their own lives. If the imbiber was of the opposite sex, they could even feel lust for their new love. If administered to anyone of Elven blood, the elixir induced animosity instead of love.

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