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Valinor ("Land of the Valar") was the region in western Aman which was the home of the Valar, most of the Maiar, and the Vanyar Elves, It lay west of Eldamar and its capital was Valimar.

Regions of Valinor:

  • Calacirya - the Pass between Valinor and Eldamar
  • Gardens of Vána
    • Firelake of Valinor - the Firelake of Tôn Sovriel in Vána's Gardens
  • Intavros - The Great Forests of Orome
  • Inwinóre - The Lands of the Inwir west of the Calacirya
    • Kelusindi
  • Lórien - The forests of Lórien
  • Mandos - The Great Subterranean Halls below Aman
  • Never-fading Lawns -the Green Fields of Nessa
  • Noldomar - Land of the Noldor in northern Valinor
    • Barren Plains - Cold Plains in northern Valinor
      • Híri - Southern run of the River Sírnúmen
    • Green Hills - Hills in Noldomar
    • Sírnúmen - River running through Noldomar
  • Pastures of Yavanna
  • Taure Yavanno

Places of Note

Cûm a Gumlaith Ezellohar Formenos House of Erinti Hyarmentir Ilmarin Kapalinda Mahanaxar Valimar

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