When the Ainur first took shape they also started to invent a Language for themselves, this tongue was a reflection of their own inner spirit-language and became known as Valarin, since it was devised by the fifteen Valar.

Eventually several Valar later started to create their own languages or Valarin dialects, notaby Aulëan, Oromëan and Melkian, which became common in their homes and among their pupils and followers.


A3ûlêz - original Valarin spelling of Aule
akašân - He (Eru) says
Amanaišal — unmarred
anaškad,naškad -Ring
Arômêz original valarin spelling of Orome
Aþar — fixed time, festival
Aþâra — appointed
Aþâraigas — appointed heat, the Sun
Aþāraphelūn — appointed dwelling, Arda
Aþâraphelûn Amanaišal - Arda Unmarred
Aþâraphelûn Dušamanûðân - Arda Marred
Ašata, šata — hair of head
ayanûz - one of the Ainur
Dâhan-igwiš-telgûn, Dahanigwishtilgûn — Taniquetil
Delgûmâ - telumë ,dome, dome of heaven
dušamanûðân — marred
Ezel —green
Ezellôchâr — the Green Mound Ezellohar
Ibri — silver or white
Ibrîniðilpathânezel — Telperion
Igas — heat
iniðil — lily, or other large single flower
Machallâm — one of the seats of the Valar in the Ring of Doom
Mâchan — authority, authoritative decision
Mâchananaškad — Doom Ring, Ring of Doom
Mâchanâz - One of the Aratar
Mâchanumâz - The Aratar as a Group
Mânawenûz - original valarin spelling of Manwe
Mirub- — wine
mirubhôzê - Miruvor
Næchærra - original valarin spelling of Nahar
Ošošai, Oššai - original valarin spelling of Osse
Pathân — leaf
Phanaikelûth — bright mirror, the Moon
Phelûn — dwelling
Rušur, uruš — fire
Šebeth — air
Tulukha, Tulukhan — yellow
Tulukastâz - original valarin spelling of Tulkas
Tulukhedelgorûs —Laurelin
Ulu, ullu — water
Ulubôz or Ullubôz - original valarin spelling of Ulmo



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