Vairë (Q."Weaver") was the wife of Námo. She lived with him in the Halls of Mandos on Aman's western seacoast. There, in the remote Place of Souls, she weaved the record of Time. Námo used her chronide to judge the doom of spirits.


Deep purple garb of somber lines drape her slight fana, provid- ing her an air of authority suited to her great role.

Wavy dark locks, deep, dark eyes.


Memory, History, Lore, Weaving, Mind, Magic, Stories, Home.


Quiet and serious, Vaire serves as a fine companion and partner for the Ordainer.




Justitia or Zadkiel, Ramiel?


  • Loom of Time — Can be used with any thread or yam. Any fabric woven on the loom will retain the perfect image of the thoughts the weaver wishes to implant in its pattern, and it need only be touched in order to convey that image (including all senses) to the person handling it.
  • Vaire's Garb
  • Mace (Iaroma)— (Q.: "Old-voice") Mace of black eog, inlaid with amethyst (purple quartz).
  • Hourglass


  • Recall — Vaire can concentrate upon and touch any solid thing (e.g., a creature or an object) and judge its age and point of origin. She can also visualize the actual, recallable memories of any creature that fails to resist her magical touch


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