Vrâk Tanûk-Rangers of Vulm-Shryac

The Vûlmaw or Vûlmans (Wm."Enchanted People") were a people of the farthest east, dominating mostly the isles of the southern Archipelago, the largest of them being Amirakh, Arth, Cevra and Vulm Shryak, the main island of the Vûlmaw-dominion.The mainland colony Côdya was also settled by the Vûlmaw.They traced their name from the "Vú-ulmaw", a warrior-Caste of the Sûrk from the eastern Island of Thûriakh Kôdia.In the forth century of the second Age, in S.A. 347 Wôma Drâl, Hion of the Sûrk brought his Sûrk, accompanied by several Wôm, Móak and Narîg to the lands of Lôkhas, where they conquered the local Brâric Lakhab and founded the empire of Lôkhas Drûs.Almost one century later their descendants started a second exodus in S.A. 472, under Hion Iârîs that brought them to the southern archipelago.In S.A. 474 Womûl of Móak, Jârîs´ Warlord conquered the local drughic tribes of Vulm Shryak which set the foundation of the Vulmaw-culture.


The Vulmaw spoke Vulman, a late derivation of Old womarin.

Outer information:

The Vulman language, made up the the ICE Authors, was spoken mainly in the Far Southeast of Middle-Earth and was loosely based on Eastern Amerind vocabulary.

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