Vána the Ever-young

Vana is the younger sister of Yavanna and the wife of Orome. Utterly youthful and untamed, she is the Vala of Youth, Creation, Flowers and Song. Like the embodiment of the Spring of Life, she represents birth and renewal among living things. Her fiery nature and passionate songs mesmerize and soothe the hearts of young listeners and stir the hearts of old ones, and cause them to rekindle memories of their younger years.


The fana Vana adopts in Valinor is that of a wildly beautiful, golden-haired, unpredictable, almost childlike young woman. Bright and graceful, she shuns material things and always remains the Ever-young.


Youth, love, beauty, flowers, birds, bloom, spring


Vana loves flowers and birds and tends wonderful gardens in both the woods of southern Valinor and in the stately reaches of fair Valimar. Wherever she passes, however, the birds sing as if to announce her coming and the flowers peek forth as if to gaze upon her beautiful fana. Be it night or day, she only needs to look to a flower in order to cause it to bloom. Vana s fiery essence produces her fondness for powerfully bright music and brilliant colors. In relation to the races of Arda, she is interested chiefly in youth, and protects the children and juveniles amongst each race. She blesses the birth of children, particularly heirs to great thrones or houses, and it is through her that blessed bloodlines never fail. She encourages creation and renewal of all life, in all of its forms. Her passion for the dawn and gold hues was intense, loves which she shares with her principal servant, Arien. The youngest, yet most powerful of Fire Spirits, Arien took care of the golden flowers in Vana's gardens and her blessed household for millenia —until the time she was appointed to guide the Sun.





  • Gown
  • Tiara
  • Vana's spring


  • Silence — Should Vana concentrate, she makes absolutely no noise when moving outdoors.
  • Befriending and Riding Beasts — Vina can tame and ride any wild beast as if it was her most loyal friend.


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