The Vshrang Isles

Originally settled by the Ts'dan (Ts. "Water's People") in the fourth century of the Second Age, the five, mountainous islands of V'Shrang lay off the coast of eastern Middle-earth. They guarded a rocky but strategic channel in the Romenëar. Here, east of the southeastern part of Ruuriik, the Orosúli rose straight from the sea.

V'Shrang was ruled by a female Ollm (Ts. "Mother") and administered by a male O'lan (Ts. "Counsel"). The O'lan was usually the Ollm's, uncle, brother, or son. He served as the warlord of a fierce, martial society.

Ts'dan shipwrights were famous for their T'illa (Ts. "Water-travelers"), the great warships that once dominated the west-central Romenëar. T'illa-borne raiders conquered Ka'ish in S.A. 323-48. These invaders reflected V'Shrang 's traditional military triad, and included the Ra'thorfa, the G'ekka, and the Ts'balla.

The elite, all-female Ra'thorfa (Ts. "Running Fangs") served as a mounted shock force. They rode large, grey panthers called F'anna (Ts. "Ghost-panthers"), which were peculiar to V'Shrang and were undoubtedly the most noble of the big cats of eastern Endor. Organized in packs of five, the well-trained Ra'thorfan riders carried flails and a variety of lighter weapons. They comprised a formidable and highly mobile scouting and raiding force, especially under nocturnal or arboreal conditions.

The all-male G'ekka, or "Long-ears," were lightly-armed Ts'dan bowmen. They carry elaborately-carved composite bows. Like the Ra'thorfa, they were organized in units of five warriors called Y'wofu. Five Y'wofu formed an Y'wekka, which was the traditional foundation of any Ts'dan force.

Most of V'Shrang 's warriors served as part of the Ts'balla (Ts. "Ts'dan Mustering"). A primarily-male mixture, this grouping of lightly-trained and irregularly-armed infantry included all of the unmarried Ts'dan maidens and all of the youthful Ts'dan men. While spirited, they were somewhat undependable when it came to a pitched melee.


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