The Gates of Utumno

(Q.: "Underworld; Hell"; S.: Udûn;Mo."Ûtum") was a fortress of the Vala Melkor in the far north of Middle-earth. It was the first and greatest of Melkor's citadels, delved in the earliest days.
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Map of Utumno

Places within Utumno:

  • Blue Arches
  • Caves of the North
  • Deepest Furnace
  • Deepest Halls
  • First Throne-Hall
  • Fortresses of the North
  • Giant Gates
  • Great Cairn
  • Great Tombs
  • Imelca
  • Melkor's Glaciers
  • The Unholy Sars
  • Slender Stair
  • The Great Vaults
  • Úmavaisor -the Throne of Hate

Remains of Utumno

Most of Utumno was destroyed in the Elder Days and later drowned beneath the northern Helkëar and became the Bay of Utum.A Remnant of western Utumno was Mount Utumno and the Vaults of Utumno, the Underdeeps within the Gulf of Utum.


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