The Windthrones and Valley of Uthrael Beoac


Map of Uthrael Béoac

Uthrael Béoac (E. "Valley of Lords") was a vale reached through the pass of Cirith Himninond (S. "Cool Water-Rock Pass"). Even the pass was exceedingly challenging a traverse. The vale contained the Dyrn Sûil (S. "Wind Thrones") an ancient burial grounds of First Age heroes. The vales below used to be rich and attracted men to dwell. They were eventually driven off by the Orc tribe of Lor-Uruk-Shab. The vale was untroubled by Orcs, and yet unplundered by them as well. The burial grounds were the breeding grounds of untamed and untameable wargs who in turn were hunted by Fell Beasts. The wargs were rumored to be under the direction of a massive and cunning leader. The vale itself was also difficult to navigate as the hot springs generated impenetrable steams and mists. Rumor had it that items of great power from the first age were buried here as well as the more recent remains of tomb robbers.

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