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Haerangil o Pelargir


Mae Govannen!

I just started adventuring in Middle-earth again using the dark eye's excellent travelling system.My new character is Rhûrandir which is the synonym of a dark stern Ranger of clouded origin.His companions are Thrálin, a red-bearded, green-eyed dwarf presumably of the firebeard clan and two questionable compatriots, Banaid, a rugged eriadorian rural man and Azgor, a slant-eyed ill-favoured fellow...

You can follow our newest exploits at Rhûrandir's Journey, our current chronicle...

Regards Haerangil aka Rhûrandir

changes from MERP-canon spellings and accents


As you may have noticed i have started not only changing accents and so pronunciation of many MERP and RM names and terms but i am even changing total spelling.The reason for this is not, as it might seem, to finally leave behind the MERP legacy and step into my personal fanfic, but to further adjust the Middle-earth conlangs to the customs of JRRT's non-eldarin languages.There are several unique peculiarities about many of JRRTS languages... for example the letter J- is mostly evaded.Also the ch- is rare outside of Sindarin. I could add more examples but the general idea is to make the conlang names fit in better with Tolkien-lang that may have been more influential outside the Sindarin dominated westlands.In the Southwest this is obviously Adûnaic, but in other parts of ME human languages may have been more influenced by Melkian, Khuzdul and Avarin/ primitive elvish, also the few Easterling, Haradrim and Drughu words we actually have are being taken stronger into focus for this.


One example: Aegan --> Aegân

I am very unhappy with most of the MERP names, especially those from the wild lands gazetteer.When working on those articles i usually take a look on elfdict to see if there are any tolkien-words which resemble them, on Aegawin for example i mostly used modifications of primitive quendian, orcish/black speech and drughu as stand-ins for avarin, melkian and braric , which are said to be the base for Womarin according to MERP canon.Sometimes when working on Womarin and related languages i also take a look at native american wordlists on the net, atabask or na-dene for example (which fenlon seems to have used, or in other cases what ever ICE claims to have used as liguistic base for their conlangs...), though i almost always modify the spellings to make them resemble less real-world tongues, as i generally dislike using them in a tolkien context, apart from the established tolkien-anglo-saxon,tolkien-gothic, tolkien-norse, tolkien-welsh, tolkien arthurian jrr used and the modified welsh, gaelic and finnish which have been established by too many 2ndary works to effectively get rid of them anymore.Since few people even remember old MERP i think its a good opportunity to re-adjust them to look more similar to tolkien's naming conventions.When i changed gan to gân i probably was influenced by goldogrin gân and ghân-buri-ghân, which have different meanings, but i thought would make that MERP name "look" better and a bit more close to jrrts more exotic languages, without changing TOO much.I also use to speculate what the intended pronunciation may have been... and "aye-gawn" sounds nicer than "eye-gun" .

Thank you for your permission.--Haerangil (talk) 05:10, 13 October 2020 (UTC)

I support your efforts to correct/update MERP (or other non-canonical) names/terms. I may occasionally have input. Thanks, -Hlingler (talk) "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." EB Hall, "Friends of Voltaire", 1906 03:12, 13 October 2020 (UTC)


A gi suilon nathal, Le nathlam hí! I'm Haerangil o Pelargir,

I once started the Middle-Earth Role-playing Wiki... as an encyclopedia for "expanded middle-earth" the non-canonical Middle-Earth backgrounds created for pen-and-paper Role-playing games in J.R.R. Tolkien´s Middle-Earth such as the MERP (Middle-earth Role-playing Game), LOR (Lord of the Rings Adventure Game) and QUEST Games by Iron Crown enterprises as well as other games using the same non-canonical Backgrounds as the Middle-Earth play-by-mail]] Game by gamesystems and Iron crowns [[middle Earth collectible Card Game (MECCG).To some lesser extend also the Lord of the Rings Role-playing Game (LotRRPG) and the the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Adventure Game as well as the Lord of the Rings collectible Card Game (LotRCCG) (all by Decipher) and even the Lord of the Rings Table-Top (by Games Workshop) rely on the expanded Middle-Earth created for Middle-Earth Roleplaying.Note that since neither ICE´s MERP/LOR/QUEST/MECCG Line nor Deciphers LOTRRPG are continued several fan-made RGPG Systems, Adventures, fan-modules, MMORPGs and MUSHs have evolved that also make use of the "expanded-middle-earth" background world created for middle-earth Roleplaying.

Also this wiki, while trying to reconcile and rationalize different versions of Middle-Earth from licensed works into a coherent and believeable background, has long since left it's RPG origins and set foot into the genre of fanon and fanfic, which since has become a main focus.To expand and explore on J.R.R.Tolkien's fictional universe, to flesh out and fill in gaps to make Arda an even deeper creation.

Since this is only a fan-wiki there are no official game-stats and direct quotes from published game-books allowed to be posted here...


Mission Statement:

MERP and a lot of other secondary works are often a mess or directly contradict the canon (Lotr and Hobbit 1st, post-mortem releases such as the history of Middle-Earth second, all non-Tolkien work subordinate!), so it's allright (and necessary!) to set things straight and change or correct ICE and other sources where they are flawed.Another point is that even the primary sources are sometimes highly contradicting, often one has to choose between several distinctive versions if one wants to create a coherent account, which is one of the objectives of this wiki: making secondary works fit in with the canon and make them more cohesive with other secondary works.This however sometimes can not be accomplished without doing corrections and a good deal of own imagination and inventive work (or original sub-creation and lots of retconning!) by oneself, so I encourage the incorporation of fanfic and original addendum for the sake of the greater picture. -Haerangil



missing herbs from MERP Rulebook:


missing characters from MERP Rulebook: -Nílardu -Léofen -Breawyn -Argulf -Skutilla -Borvacer -Widonu -Himramir -Lólindir -Lamalas -Celahir -Mírwen -Míriphel -Berasefa -Beraláth

other: -Oatbarton-tooks -Mountain wolves -mîr galen -book of green light


-donkeys -mules

other (gamebooks):

-Sailcha -Eorna -Arhail -Gaurthring -Rukhim -Pharaz -Klag -Canotar -Dragonskin -Alum -Kalom -Adit i Raf -Opossums -Gophers -Ferrets -Alligators -Jackals -Kjerats -Leopards -Kalik do'Altir -Yamina -Great Hammer -Curved Axe -Long haired Cats

Player characters:

  • Elanna Starwind
  • Beorg
  • Enabrân
  • Óswald
  • Gondranir
  • Meldon
  • Erunámo
  • Egirsfraendi
  • Habren
  • Argond

Urbanisation in Eriador



  • Foronarth - unnamed -
  • Kereic - new - Dûn Covád
  • Lesbleic - new -
  • Neddig - unnamed - no
  • Rugamba - no - Amon Rós/Ost Guruth
  • Sasinas - unnamed - Annâk-Khurfu
  • Vamnus - unnamed - Frith-vailë
  • Wounis - unnamed - Dûn Traikh?


  • aithfinn - unnamed - no
  • Minas Hyarmenya - unnamed - no
  • ambon noirinyaron - new - Amon Môth?
  • nirthiach - unnamed - no
  • Cargilin - unnamed - no
  • barad garan - new - Hillshire Ruins
  • mar Tarmearon - new - Ost Forod
  • Kalbucar - new - Nan Orngon
  • foronarth - unnamed - Kamskut
  • lesbleic - new - no
  • kereic - new - Dûn Covád
  • Bryn mor - new - Tûmat?
  • neddig - unnamed - no
  • Rugamba - new - Ost Guruth/Amon Rós



  • Brol - Carras
  • Ceinduire - unnamed
  • Colaigar - unnamed
  • Gollaig - fisher-town
  • Icain - Alclud
  • Ienin - unnamed
  • Levanard - unnamed
  • Morchan - Barad Colgrin
  • Sconnia - unnamed
  • Tacnana - unnamed
  • Vainche - Tor Duinair
  • Weolpaid - new


2ndage outline

Pt 1. Annatar in Eregion:

c. 500 years Pretty much everything that happens in Eregion, main characters are Sauron, Galadriel, Celebrimbor, Agaldor.Amroth,Agaldor the only human mortal, a middle-man.

  • Gil-galad turns away Annatar; Númenóreans begin to construct permanent havens.Elrond Gil-Galad's Herald.
  • Annatar comes to Eregion, Galadriel-Celeborn-Celebrimbor love-triangle, friendship of Celebrimbor and Narvi
  • Eriadorian downsmen have contact with Galadriels folk at evendim, they contact the elves of Lindon and wish to meet with the "Men of the seas".
  • The Númenoreans meet the eriadorian Downsmen under their King Gothólin.
  • Visits of Aldarion, building of Vinyalonde.Conflict with the Gwathuirim
  • Galadriel becomes Annatars main adversary, Annatar convinces Celebrimbor of an unbloody overthrow of the Lords of Eregion and placing himself and the powerful jewel-smith guild as the new quasi-government.
  • Celebrimbor remakes the Elessar.
  • Galadriel go to Lothlórien while Celeborn chooses to remain and oppose Annatar from within. Young Celebrian.
  • Annatar is exposed to be Sauron and has to leave Eregion, Celebrimbor travels to Lothlorien to seek Galadriels advice, she proposes him to hide and not use the three rings.Celebrimbor entrusts one ring to Galdriel and departs to hand over the two remaining rings to Gil-Galad.Celebrimbor gives the first of the seven rings to Durin.
  • The One Ring is forged; Barad-dûr completed; Sauron openly proclaims himself;
  • Glorfindel, Rómestámo and Morinehtar arrive in Lindon.
  • Sauron claims the three, the nine and the seven rings.War of the Elves and Sauron begins.Sauron invades Eriador.Amroth son of Amdír and Agaldor form a friendship. Gwathuirim ally with Sauron.Saurons forces enter Eriador, they sack the elven-realm of Eregion; he gets access to the nine and six of the seven rings but has to find out the other three have been brought to safety.Even after torture Celebrimbor refuses to give away their places of hiding.Death of Celebrimbor.Surviving Elves found the refuge of Imladris, others cannescape through Khazad dum to Lorien.Dwarves and Galadhrim assail Sauron from behind; Khazad-dûm closes and is put under permanent siege from the outside as well as intrusions from the Underdeeps.
  • Celebrimbor helps to defend Imladris , Galadriel joins her husband and the couple reunites.Elrond meets Celebrian.Survivors of Eregion go to Imladris and Lorien.
  • Orcs from the North led by Skorg invade Gundabad.
  • Sauron overruns Eriador. Sauron lays siege to Lindon and Imladris, gil-Galad sends messenger to Númenor. Tar-Telperien of Númenor sends a fleet for rescue.Battle of Mithlond, Battle of Sarnford, Battle of the Gwathló, Saurons forces are finally defeated in Eriador by Elves and Númenóreans under King's Heir Minastir.First White Council held; Galadriel and Celeborn depart for Belfalas.Saurons retreating forces are attacked in Rhovanion by the Wood-elves, he returns to Mordor humiliated.
  • Destruction of Vinyalonde.Death of Agaldor.Amroth departs to Lothlorien.
  • Other characters: Durin II/Durin IV, Tar-Aldarion, Tar-Telperien, Isilmo, Nimrodel and Mithrellas ? Sauron's sidekick/Fallen Elf (Celedring/Orofinya the Seer)?Cirdan, Galdor?Thuringwethil? Lug the Tower? Telperinqe (sister of Celebrimbor)

Pt 2 the Nazgul:

c.1400 years Pretty much everything happens on Numenor, main characters are, Tal-Elmar, a middle-man slave, The later Witch-King, his two associates, Amandil, his wife, a female druedain shaman, Sauron, maybe Morinehtar

  • Númenóreans continue Tar-Minastirs work of protecting the northwestern coasts of Middle-Earth by a series of outposts and havens.
  • Tal-Elmar is brought to Númenor by then ship-captain Tindomul.
  • Tar-Ciryatan takes the Sceptre. Death of Tar-Minastir.
  • Númenoreans start to colonize the western coasts of Harad, they are recognized by many primitive tribes as gods, others are subdued and have to pay tribute or become slaves.Ciryatan more and more begins to resent both the Elves and Valar for the ban to sail into the west.The Valar send Emissaries to Numenor, they are rejected by ciryatan.
  • Tindomul assembles a small fleet and leaves for Middle-earth. Tindomul arrives at Umbar.Tindomul goes to Barad-dûr.
  • Númendil goes to Middle-Earth.
  • Ciryamir of Ciryatanorë commits suicide, bewitched by his vile son Herundil.Herundil ascends the throne of Ciryatanórë, rebelling against the King of Númenór.
  • Ascend of Tar-Atanamir, his politics are becoming openly hostile towards elves and Valar, the faithful begin to form, the Valar send emissaries to Númenor, Atanamir openly rejects them.
  • Morinehtar and Romestamo go to the Easterlings and try to win them over for resistance against Sauron, Sauron in disguise of Annatar also goes.They meet Prince Khamûl.
  • Tindomul receives the first of the nine Rings of power.Khamûl accepts the second Ring.Herundil accepts the fifth of the nine Rings.Númendil accepts the seventh of the nine rings. All of the nine make themselves Kings of mighty realms, independent from Númenor and the elves but secretly subject to Sauron.
  • Sauron distributes the remaining six rings among the dwarves, but their kings show strange resistance to their corrupting powers.
  • Tar-Atanamir refuses to give up his crown and dies a half-mad and sick old man.ascend of Tar-Ancalimon to the throne of Númenór, the Númenóreans are divided into two factions, friends and enemies of the Elves and the Valar.Elven tongue is forsworn in Númenor by King's Men.The Nazgûl appear for the first time. Young Amandil.
  • 2,280 - Umbar is turned into a great fortress of Númenor.Herundil flees to Mordor.
  • First of the Faithful start to settle on the mainland, they are greeted by Galadriel and Celeborn in Belfalas.Drúedain start leaving Númenor.
  • Pelargir is built. It becomes the chief haven of the Faithful Númenórean
  • Messengers of the Valar come to Númenor
  • Death of Ar-Sakalthôr; Ar-Gimilzôr takes the Sceptre. 3,117 - Birth of Tar-Míriel; Elves no longer permitted entrance to Númenor; Elven tongue forbidden in Númenor.
  • 3,119 - Birth of Valandil Amandilion and Elendil the Tall.

Other characters: Herendil friend of Isildur, Poldor trusted servant of Amandil, wife of Amandil (Silissë), female leader of the Druedain (Âghi-deghi-Dhûr) ,messengers of the Valar (Eöture, Asuath, Leöllulo), Cirdan, Thuringwethil as sauron's messenger, Lug as Sauron's warlord.

PT3 the rise of Ar - Pharazon:

ca.70 years

Pretty much everything happens in Númenor, main characters are Pharazon,Elendil, their wives, Sauron, Isildur, his wife, Anarion, his wife,Zimraphel, Pharazons son, Herumor and Fuinor

  • Sauron expands his realm among the Easterlings and Haradrim, also encouraging rebellions in the númenorean colonies and attacking these himself.Pharazon serves as a soldier during these wars.
  • Friendship Pharazon and Elendil.Princess Miriel is torn between her love to Elentir of Andunie and the advances of Pharazôn.
  • a "Woodchild" (Proto-Hobbit) visits the island of Númenór (Razanur the Traveller/Tûka)
  • Pharazon returns a hero of war and powerful colonial-lord, he rises to the head of the Kingsmen.
  • Death of Ar-Gimilzôr, Tar-Palantir takes the Sceptre; Civil War in Númenor; Prophecy of the White Tree given.
  • Birth of Isildur Birth of Anárion
  • Death of Tar-Palantir; Ar-Pharazôn seizes the Sceptre, forces Mîriel to become his wife, has Elentir executed.Estrangement between Pharazon and Elendil.
  • Sauron makes his great attack on the Númenoreans, refuges come to numenor and report he started to call himself the "King of men", Pharazôn is outraged, the first great armament begins.
  • Elendil sends Orontor away on a dangerous mission, Orontor goes missing at sea, Elendil adopts Orontor's daughter Firiel.
  • Ar-Pharazôn lands at the Haven of Umbar. Saurons armies flee before the might, The Númenoreans move forth and into Mordor besieging Barad-dur,"Zigurun" ( Sauron) comes to Umbar, capitulation of the lord of the rings.Zigurûn goes as a captive to Númenór.
  • Pharazon's ship wrecks on a hill on Númenor
  • The shadow of Morgoth descends upon Arda.Zigurûn bewitches Pharazôn
  • Sauron becomes an advisor and member of the court sharing many secrets of magic and technology with the Numenoreans.New weapons and ships are developed from formerly unheard technologies Sauron had hidden from the Haradrim, Orcs and Easterlings before.
  • Young Isildur sympathizes with Sauron
  • Birth of Elendur son of Isildur.
  • The second Great Armament begins. Flying ships, fireweapons and sailless ships out of iron appear.
  • The cult of Mulkhêr/Alkar (Morgoth) forms on Númenor, career of Herumor and Fuinur starts.
  • Amandil of Andúnië sails to Aman. Amandil commissions Elendil to begin the building of nine great ships.
  • Birth of Meneldil
  • Elendil manages to turn Isildur away from Sauron and Pharazôn.
  • Sauron commands the tree Nimloth to be felled, Isildur breaks the law and secretly saves a sapling of the white tree, is poisoned, al ost dies, survives through blessing.Pharazon commands the tree to be burned.
  • a temple is built upon Meneltarma.Human sacrifices are first held in secret, then openly, many of them either slaves or persecuted Faithful.
  • first time illnesses and plagues appear among the Númenoreans.
  • The Faithful plan an attack on the Dark temple but are betrayed
  • Death of Valandil
  • The signs of doom appear upon Númenor.
  • Elendil is pressed to join the The great armament but escapes.The surviving faithful leave Númenor with the nine ships
  • Ar-Pharazôn starts an attack on Valinor, the elves flee from the coasts and hide within their cities, Pharazon's army camps before Tirion, he claims himself King of Valinor,Manwe calls upon eru,The númenorean army is trapped within the caves of the forgotten, the Armada swallowed by the seas, Númenór is destroyed and the world changes.

Other characters:wife of Elendil (Vardamirë), Pharazônthôn son of the king ,Orontor friend of Elendil, Firiel daughter of Orontor, Terendul son of Herendil, Zimraphel wife of Pharazon, Cirdan, Gimilkhâd Pharazon's father, Thuringwethil, Lug

PT4 the last alliance:

ca. 220 years

Pretty much everything happens in Gondor and Mordor,Main characters are Sauron, Elendil, Anarion, Isildur,their wives, Gil-Galad, Elrond, Galadriel, Celebrian, maybe Glorfindel, the Blue Wizards and Isildur and Anarions other family.

  • Saurons spirit returns, at Barad-Dur he takes new form and starts to rebuild his armies to reclaim his former realm.
  • the nine ships land on Middle-Earth, some are damaged by the great flood of the cataclysm as are many of the Lands.The exiles are welcomed by Nimruhîn, leader of the Dúnedain of Pelargir
  • the Elendili found the Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.The sapling of Nimloth is planted, a new white tree grown in Minas Anor and Minas Ithil.
  • Birth of Aratan.Birth of Ciryon,Birth of Cemendur
  • The Nazgul gather in Mordor to welcome Sauron back
  • Herumor and Fuinor rise to power among the Haradrim
  • Sauron makes war on Gondor. Sauron takes Minas Ithil.Burning of its white tree.
  • Gondorians under Isildur and Anarion hold the siege of Osgiliath.Galadriel and Celeborn support the Gondorians.
  • destruction of the Entwives Gardens.
  • Last Alliance of Elves and Men formed; Elendil and Gil-Galad gather a great army, joined forces of Arnor under Elendil, Lindon under Gil-Galad, Imladris under Elrond and Lórien under Amdir ,though the Longbeards and Wood-elves eventually promise to join under their own commanders, Dúrin IV and Oropher.
  • mountain King swears his Oath
  • Last Alliance marches to Imladris.Gil-Galad's army crosses the high Pass
  • birth of Valandil of Arnor.
  • at some point great Orcs from Barad-dur are sent to the misty mountains under Ogslap , beginning of Goblin-town
  • Mountain king breaks his oath
  • Battle of Dagorlad; all peoples and beasts join in the battle, most on both sides, including some Dwarves of the eastern houses, deaths of Amdir and Oropher, Amroth and Thranduil replace their fathers as Kings.
  • Siege of Barad-dûr; deaths of Amdír and Oropher.Death of Anárion.
  • Sauron is thrown down, Deaths of Gil-galad and Elendil; The end of the second age.

Other characters:King of the Dead, Thranduil,Valandil the younger,Elendur son of Isildur, Children of Anarion (Elenalóto, Amanyë, Númeniel ,Meneldil ), Wives of Isildur and Anarion (Ilmalomë, Airalómë).Ohtar.Herumor, Fuinor - we meet again the season 1 elves,Thuringwethil, Lug and Durin (5)