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As you may have noticed i have started not only changing accents and so pronunciation of many MERP and RM names and terms but i am even changing total spelling.The reason for this is not, as it might seem, to finally leave behind the MERP legacy and step into my personal fanfic, but to further adjust the Middle-earth conlangs to the customs of JRRT's non-eldarin languages.There are several unique peculiarities about many of JRRTS languages... for example the letter J- is mostly evaded.Also the ch- is rare outside of Sindarin. I could add more examples but the general idea is to make the conlang names fit in better with Tolkien-lang that may have been more influential outside the Sindarin dominated westlands.In the Southwest this is obviously Adûnaic, but in other parts of ME human languages may have been more influenced by Melkian, Khuzdul and Avarin/ primitive elvish, also the few Easterling, Haradrim and Drughu words we actually have are being taken stronger into focus for this.

Thank you for your allowance.

Yes that seems reasonable.I believe many of the double categories were created by default by autocorrect not working or misplacing terms.since i started working mostly from my tablet autocorrect diesn't do that anymore...--Haerangil (talk) 19:41, May 5, 2020 (UTC)


A gi suilon nathal, Le nathlam hí! Im Haerangil o Pelargir,

I have started this Middle-Earth Role-playing Wiki... as an encyclopaedia for "expanded middle-earth" the non-canonical Middle-Earth backgrounds created for pen-and-paper Role-playing games in J.R.R. Tolkien´s Middle-Earth such as the MERP (Middle-earth Role-playing Game), LOR (Lord of the Rings Adventure Game) and QUEST Games by Iron Crown enterprises as well as other games using the same non-canonical Backgrounds as the Middle-Earth play-by-mail Game by gamesystems and Iron crowns middle Earth collectible Card Game (MECCG) to some lesser extend also the Lord of the Rings Role-playing Game (LotRRPG) and the the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Adventure Game as well as the Lord of the Rings collectible Card Game (LotRCCG) (all by decipher) and even the Lord of the Rings Table-Top (by Games Workshop) rely on the expanded Middle-Earth created for Middle-Earth Roleplaying.Note that since neither ICE´s MERP/LOR/QUEST/MECCG Line nor Deciphers LOTRRPG are continued several fan-made RGPG Systems, Adventures, fan-modules, MMORPGs and MUSHs have evolved that also make use of the "expanded-middle-earth" background world created for middle-earth Roleplaying.

Since this is only a fan-wiki there will be no game-stats and direct quotes from published game-books allowed to be posted here...


Mission Statement:

MERP and a lot of other secondary works are often a mess or directly contradict the canon (Lotr and Hobbit 1st, post-mortem releases such as the history of Middle-Earth second, all non-Tolkien work subordinate!), so it's allright (and necessary!) to set things straight and change or correct ICE and other sources where they are flawed.Another point is that even the primary sources are sometimes highly contradicting, often one has to choose between several distinctive versions if one wants to create a coherent account, which is one of the objectives of this wiki: making secondary works fit in with the canon and make them more cohesive with other secondary works.This however sometimes can not be accomplished without doing corrections and a good deal of own imagination and inventive work (or original sub-creation and lots of retconning!) by oneself, so I encourage the incorporation of fanfic and original addendum for the sake of the greater picture. -Haerangil



missing herbs from MERP Rulebook:

-Feduilas -Tartiella

missing characters from MERP Rulebook: -Nílardu -Léofen -Breawyn -Argulf -Skutilla -Borvacer -Widonu -Himramir -Lólindir -Lamalas -Celahir -Mírwen -Míriphel -Berasefa -Beraláth

other: -Oatbarton-tooks -Mountain wolves -mîr galen -book of green light


-donkeys -mules

other (gamebooks):

-Sailcha -Eorna -Arhail -Gaurthring -Rukhim -Pharaz -Klag -Canotar -Dragonskin -Alum -Kalom -Adit i Raf -Mactire -Opossums -Gophers -Ferrets -Alligators -Jackals -Kjerats -Leopards -Kalik do'Altir -Yamina -Great Hammer -Curved Axe -Long haired Cats

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