Commander Greb

An Uruk-Ûn

The Uruk-Ungingurz (Or."Orcs Sowing Steely Death") numbered no more than four hundred and counted no more than three hundred warriors. Nonetheless, the so-called "Urukûnai" (B.S. "Death-orcs") were the strongest Yrch in Moria—save those that directly served the Balrog. They dominated the Black Chasm's upper Levels and frequently exacted tribute from both the Durbaghash and the Snagahai below. Being Hobgoblins, or "Greater Orcs," the Uruk-Ungingurz averaged four and a half feet in height. Their skin was jet black, and their bodies were stout and strong. They favored heavy arms and armor. A typical Urukûn warrior wore scale mail or half-plate armor, hobnailed boots, and an elaborate open-faced helm. He carried a pair of melee weapons, one of which was usually of the two-hand variety, and either a short bow or a throwing-axe. ( [[Two-hand scimitar]]s and battle-axes dominated the Death-orc arsenal, along side short swords, common scimitars, and longknives.) About a third of the Uruk-Ungingurz wielded pole arms and carried full round-shields. Dark grey escutcheons, the shields were punctuated by red spike-bosses and adorned with circlets of black steel. The circlet was usually fashioned in accord with the Urukûn symbol: a thin, self-consuming, serpent-like drake. A rounded cut in the edges of each shield accommodated spears, halberds, and the like, enabling the Death-orcs to form shield-walls. Organized in remarkably well-disciplined units, these formations testified to the tribe's refined warcraft and stable political structure. Ufgamog, the Torog(S. "Troll") Warlord of the Uruk-Ungingurz, demanded complete allegiance and kept the entire tribe under his stable yoke. His presence accounted in part for the virtual absence of dissent among his minions. Uruk intelligence and repeated success on the battlefield had both helped underscore Ufgamog's quest for unity and dominance. An Olog Troll-lord, Ufgamog stood nine and a half feet tall. He couldbreak a steel door with a single kick and crush an Orc with one bare fist. Supported by his trusted trio of Torog bodyguards, he was the absolute master of the upper reaches of Moria.

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