Ursh Lanna

Located about fifty miles south of the point

where the Men Romen passed Thorontir, Ursh Lanna (As. "Defiant Hill") was the westernmost of the Asdraig Easterling outposts. The Asdriags' fortification design bore some resemblance to Dunnish works. Where possible, these Easterlings utilized a natural hill and, by terracing the sides, they created a series of walls, reinforced by wooden buttressing. In addition, many of the structures in the confines of the fort were actually built against the inner sides of the wall, to add further to its strength. Access to the fortress was gained via a narrow, winding footpath, easily defended by a handful of warriors.


1.Entrance.Cut into the uppermost wall, the entryway is essentially a wooden portalway, closed by a thick door of chestnut planks.

2.Guard quarters. The quarters house 80 warriors ("Hûka").

3. Smithy.

4. Stables. The stables shelter 50 horses—all rugged cavalry steeds well suited for long journeys or battles.

5. Cistern.

6. Quarters. These chambers serve as the abode of the Lord ("Hûdria") of Ursh Lanna, who in this case is Cherechyana.

7. Mess hall/kitchens.

8. Storage.


1640: Cherechyana

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